Tuesday, August 18, 2009

All Is Well

My Google Reader sometimes tells me "what's hot" in the blogs. I'm sure the blog entries are selected because of "trending" and various other Google determinates of meaning and relevance, but to me it's more a random sample. I often have to struggle to determine the context of the blog, what does it mean to the blogger, what meaning are they attempting to punt across the vastness on the internet to this reader they've never met?

One of the blog entries I got today seemed pretty boring at first. Just some blurry pictures of some folks on a hike. Nice view, but no discernable point except the tantalizing phrase "all is well". Why would that be in question for such a hike with friends?

But looking over the blog itself and the biography of the blogger, the reason for the blurry photos becomes clear as does the medical gloves covering the arm. The place of the hike is implied as is the reason for the large crowd and the small gesture, and in the end, I found myself touched to realize how happy I am for these people that yes, all is well.

Check it out.

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Magaly Guerrero said...

We can't find amazing things if we just spend a bit of time looking. Mmmm, I feel so philosophical today :)

I'm glad all is well too.